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The dreaded question, “What’s for dinner?”, whether it is from the kids, the hubby or just asking yourself, can sometimes be overwhelming without a plan.  Meal planning each week does take time but will actually save time (and frustration) during the week.  I like to have at least a few, ok maybe 10, go to meals that are quick, easy, delicious and quite frankly not at all homemade!  I should mention that I am a vegetarian & I do not cook meat at home so all of my meal planning and not at all homemade meals are meat free.  If you get creative and add meat to any of the recipes (can I even call them recipes?), please mention in the comments so other meat eaters can benefit!  🙂

Green Burros and Papas Fritas


Looks pretty homemade doesn’t it?  It’s super delicious and even the kiddos love it.  It all started with leftover beans we had from another meal…Which is just one can of Pinto beans and one can of Seasoned Black Beans together in a dish.  Make sure to get seasoned Black Beans otherwise the filling is pretty bland.  I have tried the Pinto beans with jalapenos too and although I loved the spice, no one else appreciated it so it was a solo debut!

IMG_5809I didn’t want the leftover beans to go to waste so I checked the fridge for tortillas and cheese…voila!  We had them!  My favorite are LaLa Tortillas and I should be partial to cheese as it is the best invention ever, but I am not.  Once its melted, all the different brands seem to taste the same to me, so the store brand is what I lean towards or of course anything that is on special.  IMG_5811IMG_5810

I knew I didn’t want to have Green Burros so soon after having the beans so I prepped the burros and threw them in the freezer.  Prepping takes minutes…literally like 4 minutes!  Take your tortilla, cold, straight from the fridge, and put some cheese right in the center.


Then use a slotted spoon or large fork and place beans right on top of the cheese.  Beans are also cold, straight from the fridge.  Make sure to use the slotted spoon so you don’t get too much liquid which will make your burros soggy.


Next, roll your bean burros!  Here’s a quick lesson on rolling a burro….fold over one side of the tortilla over the beans and pull towards you to press the beans in that folded over part.  If you have beans spilling out the ends or if you have less room than what you see in the photo after you fold the tortilla, then you have too much filling.



Then fold over both ends and continue rolling burro.  It is best to have the burros completely sealed on all sides so they don’t fall apart during baking.

IMG_5816Then simply roll into foil and proceed with making as many burros as you can.  Wrap burros individually in foil so they do not stick together.  Put all of your burritos in a ziplock freezer bag until you are ready for to use them.



About a week passed and we had some leftover baked potatoes so guess what?  Green Burros and Papas Fritas for dinner!  Woot Woot!  Take the frozen burros and a glass Pyrex type of baking dish.  Pour Green Enchilada sauce in the bottom of the dish first to keep the burritos from sticking.


Unwrap each burro and place on the green enchilada sauce.  Then cover the burros with more enchilada sauce and more cheese!  Yumm, did I mention I love cheese?!


Then cover with foil.


Bake at 375 degrees for about 30- 40 minutes.  Or in a convection oven setting at 325 for 30 minutes.  Once you start smelling the delicious aroma, it is time to check and see if the green sauce is bubbling throughout.  If it is bubbling, boiling, throughout the dish, it is definitely hot enough.  One thing I should mention is I put the sauce and frozen burros and cheese together in the morning with the foil on top, then when I got home from picking up the kids from school I just grabbed the dish from the fridge and put it into the oven.  I don’t wait for the oven to preheat…I just put the dish in and about 35-40 minutes later it is ready.


Once it is ready I either turn off the oven and leave it in to stay warm or if it is really boiling and burn your face off hot, then I pull it from the oven and set it on the stove while making the papas fritas.  We had leftover baked potatoes (red potatoes from Sams club) in the fridge so my hubby fried them up as our side.


Hubby intervened since I was about to saute onion in butter first.  I am the only one who loves onion!  So I happily let him take over….hey, I’ll give up onion to have him help with dinner!  I should openly start adding ingredients he doesn’t like more in the future, hee hee!  Using our cast iron skillet to get more iron in our vegetarian diet, he melted the butter, added the sliced potatoes, salt and pepper to taste and sauteed until heated through.


Plate it up!!  Add sour cream and enjoy!  Here’s also a pic of the kids’ all cut up…and then with the sour cream all mixed in.


Why do I call this Not At All Homemade?  I didn’t make the tortillas, I didn’t soak and then make the beans, they were from a can.  Potatoes were left over from baked from another meal.  It is a thrown together dish that is so very delicious.  In my meal planning I try to think about what meals I can make from the leftovers of other meals.  Baked potatoes one night will turn into papas fritas if we are having mexican food, fried potatoes if its for breakfast…or potato skins or twice baked potatoes etc etc.

If you are using the Quarterly IMPACT Planner, here’s a pic of where I plan our meals…

meal plan imageIMG_5876 IMG_5877 IMG_5878

Thanks for reading my very first Not At All Homemade blog!  Please help me spread the word so I can consistently improve this blog and share more “recipes”.

Until next week,


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  1. The recipe itself was fine, but the explanations way too long. Too hard to print off. Also a list of ingredients would have been more than helpful because you need to read the whole thing more than once to get it. If these things are accomplished I would be inclined to subscribe to your blog

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