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Todd and Betsy Carrie, Carrie Creations
Todd and Betsy Carrie, Carrie Creations

Hi, I am Betsy Carrie, thank you for checking out our Kickstarter!  For 20+ years I have been creating planners.  First, as a student, every planner on the market left me frustrated –  none had enough room to track school, work AND life goals! Then routinely as a successful network marketing professional I purchased planner after planner excitedly hoping I had found the “one” only to create my own again and again!  Finally after having children (our most important Carrie Creations) and owning and operating 2 businesses while simultaneously keeping a happy, healthy home, volunteering for the school and community and getting fit and healthy personally for the first time in my life, I have created Impact Planner.

Using all of my experience, I have created one tool to not only keep all of my priorities in front of me for balance but to make an IMPACT in all of the areas of my life.

I have searched online and in stores and NOTHING EXISTS that has every area of your life, not only in one planner, but together to create a balanced approach. With the IMPACT Planner, I have designed a unique, balanced, all-in-one product, that is simple and effective and could dramatically change your results.

Every planner I saw that did focus on health and wellness, finances and budget, family and relationships as well as business had very different sections for each category. With our unique 2 page spread per day, each one of those categories is integrated directly into your daily planner to truly make an IMPACT in your life and in the lives of those around you!  IMPACT Planner has a unique approach: master Health, Wealth and Circle tabbed sections to create goals; master to do lists; daily accountability to ensure your dreams and goals become reality; and every area of your life at your fingertips on each daily spread.

Have you ever started focusing on one area, like your health & fitness, only to see your business or relationships suffer?  Does it always seem as if there’s not enough time to focus on overall improvement? You’ll realize with IMPACT Planner, taking the time to do intentional planning will create and save time in each day.

Watch the quick 2 minute video above for your overview of your IMPACT Planner!

IMPACT Planner is a quarterly planner that features a 2 page per day spread taking a balanced approach at planning, tracking, & organization by keeping every area of your life at your fingertips per day.

Why is IMPACT Planner quarterly instead of yearly? With it’s 2 pages per day spread, it would be much too large and heavy as a yearly planner to carry in your purse, backpack or briefcase. The quarterly size fits perfectly! Plus, possibly even more important, re-visiting your goals/dreams and intentions every 90 days and getting a fresh start (& fresh planner) each quarter will help ensure significant progress in each area vs jotting down those goals as New Years Resolutions once per year. With IMPACT Planner, it is like having 4 new opportunities to resolve to achieve your goals each year with daily reminders to help get you there.

The 1st day of each month contains an extra section called Measurements. Taking your measurements once per month is much more effective in managing weight loss, weight gain and muscle building than the scale. There is also an area for your overall Health goals with a master to do list & color co-ordinated tabs to easily locate. The Health goals section includes a pie in the sky goal, 5 year goal, 2.5 year goal, 1 year goal and finally this quarter’s health goal to help you start or stay on track. Daily planning and tracking supports these goals to aid you in your health successes.

Your Secret Weapons Log is an area that has greatly improved my health and wellness. I have included 3 extra lines for you to customize this area for your personal secret health weapons! I have also realized with preparation comes success for healthful living and when I have my water for the day as well as healthy snacks for the day prepared and ready I make better choices throughout the day. Enjoy this secret weapon, it really has worked for me!

Your nutrition log is at your fingertips daily. Tracking everything you eat and drink not only keeps you aware but accountable. You are what you eat and when we fuel our bodies with healthy food, it is amazing how much better we feel. There are 7 meal lines listed to account for snacks and/or other beverages besides water or if you are an athlete and you consume 6+ meals per day.

Your Fitness in your daily spread has 3 lines for activity and duration to account/reward for any movement from a walk around the block with your dog to 100 burpees. Your fitness may include circuit training, pilates, weight training etc etc and now you have room to account for more than one activity per day.

Your Health circle is present to guide you to remember to take care of yourself daily!

Your Sleep tracker is a quick place to jot down your hours slept for the night. It’s amazing what the right amount of sleep can do for your health.

Your Wealth circle reminds you to check in where it is necessary to stay on top of, and get ahead of, your finances.

There is a daily reminder to check your monthly budget so you’ll never miss another payment or due date.

Your Daily Spending tracker will not only help you spend less, but it will help you during tax time especially if you have an at home business.

Your Circle represents your relationships, your family, your community, your friends, your church, your clubs etc, etc.

You will start each day with positivity with your IMPACT Planner and have a spot to write down what you are grateful for that day! We get more of what we focus on. There is also a box that says “Checked weekly plan” 6 days per week and “Created weekly plan” every Sunday. The weekly plan is your area to create your ideal life, on paper, each week. More on the weekly plan below…if you have never designed your time before, you will absolutely love this feature!

Part of my “Circle” is caring for my family which includes answering the question, “What is for dinner?”! Without pre-planning, dinner is not as successful in our house, so Tonight’s dinner plan is included; a spot to jot down your plan for that evening.

Carrie Creations packaging and prototype in use!
Carrie Creations packaging and prototype in use!

Each week begins with a pre-dated weekly planning page with built in daily do’s to keep you accountable to your plan!

Realize there IS time to pursue passions, dreams, hobbies by creating your week ahead of time. Write in your priorities and obligations first, pencil in a date night you never take time for, pencil in exercise, and discover there is still time left in your week for whatever childhood dreams and goals you let slip away.

Weekly plan and Daily do's with daily accountability to create and foster great habits!
Weekly plan and Daily do’s with daily accountability to create and foster great habits!

The Daily do’s list with daily check boxes help create habits – just 21 days in a row of an activity solidifies it as a habit. For my entire adult life I have said I wanted to be a part of the 5 o’clock club – rising each morning at 5 am to get a head start on my day. It wasn’t until I used daily accountability with a check mark each day that I succeeded on that one daily do, I actually nailed it! Each week, you have the opportunity to decide which habits you’d like to either foster or create to lead to an ideal life…your ideal life!

Priorities and Obligations filled in first to determine time still available each day for dreams, goals, passions, etc!
Priorities and Obligations filled in first to determine time still available each day for dreams, goals, passions, etc!

Priorities and Obligations filled in first to determine time still available each day for dreams, goals, passions, etc!

Moment of Zen Adult Coloring Pages included within Impact Planners to de-stress!
Moment of Zen Adult Coloring Pages included within Impact Planners to de-stress!

Moment of Zen Adult Coloring Pages included within Impact Planners to de-stress! All Adult Coloring pages starting with the 1st edition Jan Feb Mar Impact Planner will be Carrie Creations originals (photo seen here is not a CC original).  Use your free Impact gift, Impact 4-in-1 pen, not only for tracking and planning but also for your adult coloring!

IMPACT Planner Month at a Glance has an expenses list to budget your finances for the month.
IMPACT Planner Month at a Glance has an expenses list to budget your finances for the month.

IMPACT Planner Month at a Glance has an expenses list to budget your finances for the month. Having the entire month as a visual of your bills, financial obligations as well as income provides a clear sense of your financial picture for the month. As your bills come in, turn to the Month at a Glance, cross off that expense and write in the amount on the due date. Use the expense list to create a full budget for the month.

Each month has a color tab and each month has 15 lined and 3 unlined pages for note taking, journaling, sketching etc.

First edition IMPACT planner is filled with gold, violet and aqua hues.
First edition IMPACT planner is filled with gold, violet and aqua hues.

First edition IMPACT planner is filled with gold, violet and aqua hues.

IMPACT Planner fits in your favorite bag, briefcase or backpack in a convenient 6 x 8.75 size.
IMPACT Planner fits in your favorite bag, briefcase or backpack in a convenient 6 x 8.75 size.

IMPACT Planner fits in your favorite bag, briefcase or backpack in a convenient 6 x 8.75 size.  IMPACT Planner is color co-ordinated with the hottest, most on-trend colors, predicted for that quarter!  IMPACT Planner is offered at a considerable discount with the auto-delivery option which saves you time and money with your Planner arriving the month prior to the next quarter.  Auto-delivery is optional and you may cancel at any time.

What makes Impact Planner unique?

  • Daily 2 page per day design provides the space you need to lead a busy full life! 
  • Health Wealth Circle – every area of your life at your fingertips to achieve balance 
  • Meal planning 
  • Daily spending tracker with daily accountability to check monthly budget 
  • Secret Weapons log to elevate your health! 
  • Fitness and Activity tracker 
  • Nutrition tracker 
  • Daily gratitude journal 
  • Sleep tracker 
  • Moment of Zen – Adult coloring page 
  • Daily accountability to check in with plan sheet. 
  • Daily do’s sheet that helps foster and create new habits. Accountability on a daily basis. A new habit is formed with 21 days of successful completion…what new habits would you like to create? 
  • Appointment calendar from 5 am – 10 pm 
  • EVERY area of your life is at your fingertips daily instead of having to flip to a different section which inspires you to take action 
  • Flex bullets for to do lists, 6 most important list, grocery list, details regarding an appointment etc.


  • Weekly plan sheets that are pre-dated. 
  • Design/create each week to realize your full potential. You DO have time to pursue your passions, goals and dreams!!


  • Monthly budget at a glance to stay on top of finances 
  • Month at a glance on each sheet with THAT day highlighted


  • Quarterly intentions page. Re-visit your goals, dreams, desires every 90 days to attain them! 
  • Quarterly celebrations page – never miss an important celebratory date again. 
  • Best is yet to come section at the back of the planner for future planning – covers the next 3 quarters.


  • Hot or “on trend” colors determined through extensive research in the FULL color planner (print planner only). 
  • Tabs to quickly locate where you are in your planner 
  • Printed and Manufactured in the US 
  • 100 GSM paper or better to prevent ink bleed through 
  • FREE Impact gift with every planner! First planner will have a 4-in-1 pen for all your planning needs & moment of zen coloring sheet 
  • All beautifully packaged in signature CarrieCreations packaging – like opening a present with the arrival of each planner! 
  • Planner arrives in a box, labeled with that quarter, to return your planner to when finished for ease at tax time.
  • Auto-delivery option to ensure you will never miss a quarter of making an impact! People do not plan to fail, they fail to plan!


Hi Betsy!! You must be my sister from another mother! 

You have created the planner I only dreamed of! I was going to wait until after I’d used it for a week before telling you what I think, but I’m so excited I can’t wait. Love it!! 
As a former WW leader, I’ve fallen off the wagon because I hated tracking. Your planner makes tracking/mindful eating so much easier to do! I’m back on! 
Your videos explaining how to use the planner are so helpful! Especially the Budget planner. After I had the free download printed, the email with your written explanation seemed to disappear. Thanks to the video, I know how to use it! 
And the Zen moment page — awesome!! Got a 10-in-1 pen to start coloring. It is so calming… 

Thanks for this marvelous planner and for taking the time to read my comments and suggestions. I’ll be one of your autoship users for sure!”

Blessings, Edwina K

“I was one of the lucky beta testers for the Impact Planner, and I cannot wait for this product to become reality!

I love how this planner encourages me to regroup on my personal goals each quarter, each month, each week – and track my progress on those goals every day. This is a great planner for a multi-tasker like me. It helps me to stay focused on small steps along the way, and instead of to-do lists on multiple scraps of paper, I can keep it all in one slim planner! Great design, and good luck with the Kickstarter!!”

~Robin L.