“I have used this planner more consistently than I have ever used any other planner!”

Carrie Wright

I love that the Impact Planner tracks everything I could possibly want to track and it’s so easy to customize for my needs!  I have used this planner more consistently than I have ever used any other planner!  I love having the coloring pages and the note pages. I used both at a meeting I attended over the weekend!   The weight of the planner is perfect, it feels sturdy and that it can stand up to my on the go lifestyle.  My planner goes everywhere with me and after two months of full on use none of the pages are tearing out! The paper is a great weight and feel.  I love being able plan out my week in the weekly planner section, but also have the month at a glance too.  And then the two page format for each day is great for the space to plan and to track!    I love that it’s a quarter at a time, to really focus in on those three months and make them the best they can be.  Seeing my goals each quarter and each month really helps me to keep them in front of me and make decisions that help me get closer to them!


Jessi Whitt Elliott

Jessi Whitt Elliott

The planner has been a godsend! My life is generally chaos, I have three kids with special needs (lots of appointments), I am an independent business owner, and a diabetic…being able to track my appointments and my kids in one place is awesome. The zen coloring pages were a phenomenal idea! I had never tried it until the impact planner and I LOVE them! So relaxing and perfect to pass time in between appointments. Being able to track my spending and bills made keeping up with finances easier. I like the darker ink…the yellow was difficult for me to see, and the tabs have already worn almost off as I’m always in it, lol…but overall I am so glad I have mine! The notes and goals sections and and places to write down thoughts are all great ideas! The impact planner is fantastic! I am much more organized and able to hold myself accountable!! � I ❤️ my Impact Planner!!




Hi Betsy!! You must be my sister from another mother! 

You have created the planner I only dreamed of! I was going to wait until after I’d used it for a week before telling you what I think, but I’m so excited I can’t wait. Love it!! 
As a former WW leader, I’ve fallen off the wagon because I hated tracking. Your planner makes tracking/mindful eating so much easier to do! I’m back on! 
Your videos explaining how to use the planner are so helpful! Especially the Budget planner. After I had the free download printed, the email with your written explanation seemed to disappear. Thanks to the video, I know how to use it! 
And the Zen moment page — awesome!! Got a 10-in-1 pen to start coloring. It is so calming… 

Thanks for this marvelous planner and for taking the time to read my comments and suggestions. I’ll be one of your autoship users for sure!”

Blessings, Edwina K



“I was one of the lucky beta testers for the Impact Planner, and I cannot wait for this product to become reality!

I love how this planner encourages me to regroup on my personal goals each quarter, each month, each week – and track my progress on those goals every day. This is a great planner for a multi-tasker like me. It helps me to stay focused on small steps along the way, and instead of to-do lists on multiple scraps of paper, I can keep it all in one slim planner! Great design, and good luck with the Kickstarter!!”

~Robin L.